AC Milan 1-0 SSC Napoli | Tactical Analysis


Let’s analyze Milan’s goal against Napoli. The play starts with Lobotka losing the ball, Calabria controls and sees Brahim free as Lobotka goes in the direction of the Spaniard to stop the counter.

Brahim makes a good first touch on the ball and the shape of his body to turn, rules out the pass to Calabria, being his only outlet the gap between Mario Rui and Lobotka. The Napoli players don’t close that space, lack of aggressiveness, letting the Milan player through and not fouling him.

Brahim runs into the opposition half unopposed creating a 3 on 3. Giroud attacks the back of the defensive line, forcing Di Lorenzo to follow him, creating a key space on the left wing for Bennacer. Brahim can’t give the pass to that area as Bennacer is coming from behind, so he plays to Leão who gives a pass to the other flank.

Little touch from Brahim for Bennacer, and despite a great effort from Mario Rui to block the shot, scores the goal.

Important victory for Milan, although Napoli will have a chance to come back in the second leg.

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