Analysis | Ansu Fati GOAL | AC Milan 0-1 FC Barcelona

Let’s analyze Ansu Fati’s goal for Barcelona to beat Milan. The play begins with an easy build-up, waiting Milan in a mid block. Oriol Romeu, who played a great game, gives a pass to Lewandowski who drops to receive as we have seen him so many times in preseason. This movement off the ball is key in the play. Dragging one of the centre-backs generates the defensive weakness that Barcelona is going to attack.

First time pass by Lewandowski to Oriol Romeu, who distributes the ball quickly to the left, being under pressure. As we can see there are 7 Milan players focused on the ball with no possibility of recovering, which will create a path for Balde to progress.

He receives and we see how a 2v1 on the wing has been created with Ansu Fati isolated due to the poor positioning of Milan. Balde reads the play perfectly when he sees that the center back who jump on Lewandowski is out of position. The Barcelona full-back starts driving with an acceleration that will prevent Milan from retreating.

When the right-back, Florenzi, jumps on Balde, Ansu Fati no longer has to give width so he starts a run drifting inside, offering a passing lane to Balde.

Ball to Ansu Fati and it’s very important that Balde continues the run for 3 reasons: attract the 2 players that cover him so they can’t give support to Florenzi vs Ansu Fati, attack the area behind the right back and create a space so that Fati can dribble inside and finish the play.

The Barcelona striker shows the explosiveness that he had lost after his injuries and finish the play with a great shot at the far post.

Victory for Barcelona to give confidence to Oriol Romeu, Ansu Fati and confirm that Alejandro Balde is one of the main weapons of Xavi Hernández.

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