Analysis: Netherlands 2-3 Italy | Federico Dimarco

Federico Dimarco played one of the best games of the season in the Netherlands vs Italy. The Inter wing-back was involved in the 3 goals with a key role. We started by analyzing his contribution in the build-up, appearing in the left half-space and starting transitions in a more natural position close to the wide area.

Dimarco was capable of playing a good game defensively despite being very high in the attacking phase, getting into the final third in every possession. He became Italy’s main attacking weapon in the first half, taking set-pieces, shotting from long range and being important in all of Italy’s goals.

In the first one a good run to put a nice cross into the box, although the most important thing in this play is his subsequent run, something that in Inter both Dumfries and Dimarco do constantly to have one more player to finish or recover the ball stopping the attacking transition. In this one Dimarco finishes with a great shot.

In the second another perfect run ending the ball in Frattesi for the goal and in the last great ball recovery to start the counterattack that Chiesa finished.

An extraordinary performance by Federico Dimarco who at 25 has become one of the best full-backs in the world.

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