In today’s “On the field” we are going to analyze Ange Posteclogou’s 2-3-5 at Tottenham. The basic setup is a 4-3-3, a shape that Posteclogou used with Australia, Yokohama Marinos or Celtic Glasgow, which at Tottenham becomes a 2-3-5 in possession. Both full-backs move inside joining the defensive midfielder. While both number tens push into an advanced position.

Postecoglou has a fast, offensive and combinative style of play. This structure allows to be aggressive in the build-up, forming the goalkeeper a back 3 and overloading the central area adding the 2 full-backs + both number tens, making it very difficult for the opponent to avoid progression .

To counter a high press, it’s common to see a midfielder giving width, producing constant rotations, always trying to create diamonds having good passing angles.

In the opponents half, the height of the full-backs allows them to attack the back of the players who jump from the defensive line, with the forward pinning the center backs so that they can’t give support. If they do so, a 1v1 is created to finish the cross.

It should be noted that in this shape it’s essential that the defensive midfielder has an excellent technical level, having high percentages of accuracy in the pass. Wingers have to be able to dribble, generating chances. The forward’s mobility drifting wide and dropping down to receive, generating spaces to open up the defensive block and of course the role of one of the 10’s, in this case James Maddison. The best player in the start of the Premier League, making good decisions, generating goals and assists, giving fluidity to the system, being key to the team’s success.

Ange Postecoglou’s 2-3-5 will be one of the most difficult tactics to counter in the Premier League this season.

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