Barcelona 1-0 Getafe – Tactical Analysis

FC Barcelona


Let’s analyze the goal that gave Barça the victory against Getafe. The first thing to comment is the good pressing of Barça with 7 players close to the ball holder, being all correctly oriented towards the ball. Due to the pressure a bad pass is given and Christensen recovers the ball. We have to take into account 1 more key and that’s Pedri’s position. Getafe’s defensive line is badly positioned and between Pedri and the goalkeeper there is no defender.

When Christensen gets the ball he is very quick to know where Rapinha is positioned, giving the pass in the first touch.

Pedri starts his run towards the box and Rapinha is very smart in giving the pass as soon as possible, understanding that the advantage Barça had gained by Elche’s loss of possession required verticality and finishing the play in a few touches.

The cross is perfect for Pedri to arrive and score the goal for Barça to get 3 points in a tough match for Xavi’s team.

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