Bayern 1-2 Man City | Tactical Analysis | Guardiola 3-2-2-3 with Rico Lewis & Stones

Guardiola’s 3-2-2-3 shape continues to evolve and we can analyse it in this pre-season game against Bayern. John Stones very high in the box midfield with constant rotations between Stones and Rico Lewis.

In the build-up, Stones is one of the midfielders who drops to help, being the playmaker along with Kovacic in the double pivot, moving Rico Lewis higher. From there, the young City player is the team’s main offensive weapon, attacking space.

Here he does it taking advantage of the fact that Julián Álvarez drops to receive, taking a centre-back out of position.

While in this play with Bernardo Silva on the wing he attacks the gap between the full-back and the center-back. That space is the one he takes advantage of to score the first goal.

Kyle Walker drives unopposed and the ball goes to Rico Lewis in a play that ends with McAtee’s goal.

The way to generate danger for Bayern is through transitions, with City being in 1v1 situations in the defensive line, taking Gnabry advantage having good movements off-the-ball to receive in free zones. City does a good defensive work to prevent Tuchel’s men from not having big scoring chances, with the defenders always making the player with the defenders putting the player with the ball under pressure.

In the second half, Guardiola makes many substitutions, Bernardo Silva moves inside to play in the box midfield, with Rodri in the double pivot fulfilling the role of Stones. So when City is out of possession, the Spaniard is one of the centre-back.

Bayern’s equalizer comes through that area, a good combination between 3 players on the half space that City doesn’t defend well and ends with the ball in the box that Bayern finishes off 2 times for Mathys Tel’s goal.

5 minutes later, in a set piece, City takes a short corner, Foden receives unmarked in the box and Laporte scores the winning goal for Pep Guardiola’s team.

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