Bayern München 1-3 RB Leipzig | Tactical Analysis

RB Leipzig came from behind to beat Bayern in a game that could decide the league in Borussia Dortmund’s favour. In the first half the key was Bayern’s full-backs, with Mazraoui deep to give Cancelo freedom.

João Cancelo

The Portuguese was the best player in the first 45 minutes, with good long balls, carrying into the final third, overlapping Gnabry and with dangerous crosses in which Bayern should have scored more than one goal during the first half.


The play that opened the scoring happened in the left wing with a 3v3 in which Cancelo gives the ball to Müller, who did an excellent job between the lines throughout the game. The German turns and touches it to Gnabry, who is making a run off the back of Orban. He takes it to the edge of the box before rifling a shot into the back of the net.

Cancelo’s back

Out of possession Bayern were suffering at the back of Cancelo but with Mazraoui deep Leipzig didn’t have many chances, although it was clear where Marco Rose’s side needed to attack.

Christopher Nkunku’s position

The coach realised that Nkunku’s position wasn’t right, as he was too close to the left flank, where there was no space to progress. In addition, the Frenchman dropped to receive in many plays not being useful for his team.

Marco Rose adjusts

In the second half Nkunku was more central, close to the box and attacking the space instead of dropping to link up.


Leipzig started to win more balls back in the middle of the pitch and so came the 2 goals for the come back. The first after a corner for Bayern, a turnover by Musiala that created a 4v1 transition with Nkunku on the right side carrying the ball into the box and Laimer scored.


And in the second, Nkunku brought the ball under control before getting into the box and was taking it around Pavard when the defender stuck out a leg. He trips him just inside the area and the referee points straight to the spot.

Poor decision making by Tuchel making adjustments in the second half, allowing RB Leipzig to take the win and who knows if they may have gifted the Bundesliga to Dortmund.

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