Benfica 0-2 Inter | Tactical Analysis

Let’s analyse the first goal in Inter’s win over Benfica with a set-up that Inzaghi’s team have repeated many times during the season.


We start with Brozovic in possession and 7-8 Benfica players are stationed on the left flank. With the focus on Nicolo Barella who after releasing the ball attacks the space trying to stretch the defensive block, he doesn’t receive the pass but stays in the height of the Benfica defensive line as we will see at the end of the play.

Brozovic plays the pass to Acerbi so that he can switch the play towards Bastoni to take advantage of the overload on the left wing. Joao Mario also made a mistake as he jumped to press Acerbi, being the only player who could have covered Bastoni’s progression with the ball, who had plenty of space to carry unopposed.

Nobody comes out to cover him, he reaches the final third and at the far post we see the effect of the play being switched. The players who were close to Brozovic at the start didn’t arrive to defend the cross and the height of Dumfries plus the position of Barella having attacked the space allowed Inter to get 4 players at the back post while Benfica only defended with 2.

Good cross from Bastoni and the superiority in the box allows the ball to reach one of the Inter players for the goal scored by Barella.

Great play from Inter to open the scoring at the Estádio da Luz.

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