Chelsea 2-0 Borussia Dortmund – Tactical Analysis

Chelsea beat Borussia Dortmund in one of their best games of the season.


Chelsea FC

Out of possession it was Sterling who was the first player in the pressure, with João Félix and Kai Havertz behind.

In addition, Cucurella was very important recovering a lot of balls through anticipation in the first minutes of the match.

In possession Havertz was the player who won all the aerial duels, positioned on the right flank, Sterling as the striker and João Félix linking with the midfield, leaving the entire left flank for Chilwell.


Borussia Dortmund

After a good start from Chelsea, Dortmund managed to keep the ball for 15 minutes. Reyna, who had to come on due to Brandt’s injury, had a lot of mobility throughout the attack.

Dortmund’s best chance of the match was a free kick by Reus that Kepa saved.


Chelsea FC

From the 30th minute on, Chelsea dominated the game with Chilwell playing a very complete game, having good defensive actions but especially in attack.

In the first goal he gives an assist to Sterling who makes a good read of the game and looks for the free space inside the box.

Chilwell also managed to win the penalty for the second goal after putting in a cross that hit an opponent’s hand.

The other key to Chelsea’s victory was Dortmund’s poor defending in the edge of the box. Graham Potter’s side had plenty of chances in that area, including Havertz hitting the post.

Chelsea didn’t concede any scoring chances in the final minutes to qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals.

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