Atlético de Madrid has changed its style of play in recent years, let’s analyze the keys of Simeone’s team in possession. Atlético is a team that plays with a back 5 but in which the wing-backs have increasingly been playing in a more advanced position, trying to overload the opponen’s defensive line.

One of the advantages is the long balls behind the defense, with the wing-backs attacking space. This offensive threat is one of the most common since Simeone changed the formation.

Another key is to overload the flanks. Here we see how 3 player come together on the left side, with Griezmann being the best taking advantage of the weaknesses. In addition, Atlético accumulates players in the box, when in the past they only had 1 or 2 players to finish.

But without a doubt this is where Atlético de Madrid has improved the most this season. In this play we see a lot of backward passes that Simeone’s men make to disorganize the defensive block. More possession, more patience and control of the game, with center backs and midfielders being more important in the offensive phase.

When a player jumps to press, the block is disorganized, appearing the free players. Here we see 3 possible passing lanes to break the lines and enter into the final third. As soon as one of this passes is given, turn quickly and all the players attack space, with Atlético de Madrid having 5 players running into the box, creating numerical superiority.

Cholo-taka, a new Atlético de Madrid, which has more possession, scores more goals and continues to be one of the best defenses in the world.

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