FC Barcelona 1-0 Atlético de Madrid | Ferran Torres’ goal | Analysis

Let’s analyse the goal that gave Xavi the win against Simeone.


The play starts as in most Barcelona goals this season with a good pressing. In this case from Raphinha jumping on Giménez that throws a long ball to Carrasco who is offside, unable to contest the duel.

Koundé controls the ball and we see all the keys that lead to the goal. First Raphinha waiting at the back of Atlético’s defensive line which is very poorly positioned, all staggered, allowing the Brazilian to be on Hermoso’s back without being offside. On the left flank a superiority with Ferrán next to Savić and Lewandowski uncovered as Nahuel Molina is too high after Atlético lost the ball. And the most important thing is Araújo’s vision to scan where his teammates are and make the best decision.

Araújo receives Koundé’s pass and with his first touch, before the pressure gets to him, he throws a long pass to Mario Hermoso’s back where Raphinha has the advantage.

Hermoso makes a good recovery run but then gives Raphinha too much space to turn, while Savić makes a serious mistake by moving away from Ferrán who is left free, when there was no need for the 3 center backs to be inside the box.

Ferrán receives on the edge, Giménez is too far to try to block the shot and Savić has to defend a 2 on 1 as Lewandowski runs into the box without being covered by Molina, who reacts too late to understand that he has to defend Lewandowski in the play. Ferrán shoots unopposed thanks to the space given by the defence and Oblak is badly positioned, too far to the right, scoring the goal.

A victory that closes the season for Barcelona who will be La Liga champions.

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