This was Barcelona’s shape during the first 63 minutes vs Villarreal with Oriol Romeu close to the center backs, playing Frenkie de Jong more advanced. Xavi was losing the game so he removed Oriol Romeu replacing him Ferrán Torres.

There’s little doubt that this was the perfect set-up for Ferrán, an additional forward which provoked imbalances that Villarreal already struggled to deal with. De Jong was the closest midfielder to the defensive line giving Gündoğan more freedom.

The German player, instead of waiting between the lines, showed mobility dropping deep getting involved in the build-up.

Ferrán Torres’s movements in the central channel ended up creating a lot of problems to the Villarreal defense, every time Barcelona reached the last third, scoring the equalizer. That’s how substitutions can change games.

But the difference maker was Lamine Yamal. He provides solutions from wide and that’s exactly what Barça needs this season. His ability to read the game, make good decisions and wait for the right moment to dribble at just 16 years old is incredible. He also has great vision, which added to his good movements as soon as he releases the ball, makes him a constant threat, both to assist teammates or finish as in the decisive goal.

The play begins with Frenkie de Jong driving and Gündoğan behind the midfielders, leaving Villarreal too much space on the left side of their defence.

Lamine Yamal waits for 2 thing to happen, the first is the overlap in the flank and the second the movement of Gündoğan attacking space attracting players who could stop him.

Lamine cuts inside and finishes with a shot that hits the post and the rebound is scored by Lewandowski.

Good decision-making by Xavi Hernández and an extraordinary Lamine Yamal to win a very tough game.

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