Leeds 1-6 Liverpool | Tactical Analysis

Liverpool outplayed Leeds in a game in which Kloop again used Alexander-Arnold in the double pivot with the 3-2-2-3 system.

Liverpool FC

In possession

Trent and Fabinho were staggered, with the Brazilian receiving the ball higher up in plays like this having advantage, but lacking pace to carry the ball and deliver the key pass.

The playmaker in this match, with the most touches of his career, was Alexander-Arnold. In this role Trent can spam progressive passes, through balls, long diagonals, and utilize his world-class final ball from deep in the first and second phases.

One of Liverpool’s problems with this system is on the left flank, as Robertson is the third centre-back and Jota is used to drift inside too much, while Jones also tried to link up a lot in midfield, which leaves the wide left channel unoccupied with Leeds not having to defend it.

Only in attacking transitions we saw Robertson get into the attack as in the fourth goal with a great run and steers his cutback to Gakpo. The forward picks out Salah in the inside-right channel, who curls his effort away from Meslier into the back of the net.

Jota’s constant movement inside was exploited by Liverpool with a first-time finish from the edge of the box for the fifth goal.

Out of possession

Another of the strengths of the 3-2-2-3 system is when the opponent tries to counter-attack, as the midfield is very well protected, whilst having immense channel defenders like Konate and Van Dijk.

That’s how the Reds opened the scoring, with Alexander-Arnold recovering and making a great movement off the ball to receive the ball back from a one-two with Salah. Trent places a low ball to the back post where Gakpo has a simple tap-in.

A good game for Klopp’s side scoring six goals at Ellan Road.

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