Man City 3-0 Sheffield United | Two-striker system | Tactical Analysis

Let’s analise Guardiola’s two-striker system with Haaland and Julián Álvarez in the FA Cup semi-finals.

Manchester City

In possession

We see Man City in possession with the 3-2 structure in the build-up, being Sergi Gómez the inverted full-back and Álvarez dropping to receive, as he was the forward creating superiorities in midfield. When he wasn’t receiving the ball made high intensity runs to attack the space, while Haaland waited behind the defensive line, attracting 3 players.

When the Norwegian dropped to link up, the Argentinian stayed between the lines, always in coordination.

One of the things Álvarez did best was to appear in half-spaces behind the midfielders, reading the game well, making perfect movements off the ball, and again, Haaland’s gravity attracting several defenders, being very influential in the game, without touching the ball, allowing City to progress into the opposition half.

When they reached the final third Haaland positioned in the box with Julián Álvarez offering a passing line in the edge of the box as soon as the wingers drifted inside from the flanks.

But if there was a chance of a cross, the 2 strikers positioned inside the box for the finish, being defended by 5-6 players, leaving plenty of space in the edge, as in this one where Mahrez runs free for the third goal.

In the attacking transitions it was the same, Haaland drags 2 players with his movement and Mahrez looks to the right to fake the pass to Álvarez, fooling the defence and carries into the box to score the second goal.

Out of possession

And last but not least, both strikers were very active out of possession, pressing and counter-pressing to win the ball back, showing that they complement each other very well, being an alternative for Guardiola in the final stretch of the season fighting to win the FA Cup, the Premier and the Champions League.

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