Man City 3-0 West Ham | Nathan Aké goal | Set-piece analysis

Manchester City opened the scoring with a goal from a set piece. West Ham defended very well during the first 45 minutes but made a serious mistake in this free kick. 


Seconds before we see the defensive line positioning trying to maintain optimal spacing between zonal players. Cresswell sees that there is a 3 on 3 at the back post and decides to move to have superiority.

But when Haaland gets in the middle of the defensive line Cresswell decides to move back to his previous position while Rúben Dias comes to the back post.

This leads to a 4 on 2 as West Ham’s most advanced player, Emerson, has to defend the edge of the box. Having superiority in that area City do the same as in the Arsenal game where a push on Ben White played everyone onside. Nathan Aké does it in this case with Ogbonna, allowing Dias and Rodri to run behind Kehrer, being onside.

Mahrez’s cross floats over the head of Ogbonna who rushes back to try and head away the cross, with the ball going straight to Aké. The defender is free and finishes with his head.

Victory for Man City to go top of the Premier League.

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