Manchester City 1-2 Atlético de Madrid | Tactical Analysis

Simeone beat Guardiola with his typical game plan at Atlético de Madrid. Mid block, back 5 with a very compact team leaving no space between the lines. Pressing the ball holder Morata helped by Lemar and Griezmann, trying to block the passing lanes, doing a great job all the players alternating heights.

We can see it in this play in which Koke jumps on Rodri and Hermoso jumps to cover the player who leaves the midfielder.

When the ball goes the wing, Atlético accumulates more players than Man City, avoiding the superiorities that Guardiola’s team makes to progress.

When City has possession in the last third, Atlético drops deeper into the box, defending both Julián Álvarez and Haaland with 6-7 players. In addition, the space occupation by Atletico is excellent, especially in the box, avoiding free zones from which City players can finish unmarked.

In the few plays that Man City progresses with a drive or a combination running into the box, they find a wall with at least 1 Atletico player giving support.

When Simeone’s men recover the ball, they manage to get out of the counter-press, making dangerous transitions with the full-backs. Azpilicueta and Lino played a great match.

In the second half, Atlético taking advantage of Llorente’s runs attacking space, drifting wide being faster than Kovacic. Llorente takes advantage of the fact that Sergio Gómez is high and that Akanji can’t give support since he has to cover Correa.

The 2 goals come from the passivity of the Man City defense. In this one with a good play by Carrasco, leaving the City centre-backs too much space allowing the shoot from the edge of the box.

And in the other, with a good play by Memphis Depay, Correa with an intelligent movement off the ball and Akanji makes the mistake of not chasing him, scoring the Dutchman after a one-two pass.

Victory for Atlético in an important match for the confidence of Simeone’s men.

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