Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal | Tactical Analysis

Manchester United beat Arsenal in a game in which the key was Ten Hag’s build-up. We see the centre-backs open and Mainoo drops trying to create numerical superiority. Nketiah jumps on the goalkeeper but Heaton always has a player to pass to.

In this play with Mount moving down to receive and with Varane pushing into midfielder to free up passing lines trying to pin the Arsenal players. If the pressing goes higher, involving more players, the midfielder drops to the height of the goalkeeper and when Arsenal jump on, the ball holder throws a long ball behind the backline after attracting 6-7 players.

We see it in this play in which Wan Bissaka runs up the wing looking for the pass that Mainoo throws when the pressing of 3 Arsenal players gets to him.

The first big chance comes with a long ball to Bruno Fernandes who attacks the space and leaves the ball for Antony who finishes free inside the box but the shot goes wide.

In the first goal, long ball for Mainoo who, as we mentioned before, alternates the height with Mount, who in this play is in the first phase. A lot of distance between Arsenal’s lines which creates space for Bruno Fernandes to receive and in this play he scores with a great shot from distance.

And the second goal with Mainoo throwing a long pass and Jadon Sancho who is the false 9 in United’s shape runs behind the defense. Gabriel makes a mistake trying to clear the ball and the English player scores for the victory of Ten Hag’s men.

A match that will make Arteta have to work on these types of situations with his defensive line to once again be a clear contender to fight for the Premier League.

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