Napoli 5-1 Juventus – Tactical Analysis

SSC Napoli

Out of possession

Spalleti’s team was very aggressive off the ball, recovering in the opponent’s field with ease, pressing with many players on the ball.

The center backs were extraordinary in their anticipations, showing a lot of agility.

When Juventus reached the box, Lobotka was very close to the center backs with some other midfield players, like Zielinski in this play.

In possession

Switching the play

In possession Napoli were able to play with a lot of speed. Lobotka controlled the pace of the game with great criteria and many players were constantly switching the play


In this one, in 2 passes, Napoli carries the ball from one side to the other and added to the defensive mistake allows Elmas to score the goal.

Numerical superiority

On the right flank Napoli was able to accumulate many players and generate superiority to constantly attack the back of the defence.

Kvaratskhelia & Osimhen

And of course, Kvaratskhelia and Osimhen had a great game. The Georgian’s 1-on-1s were a constant threat.

He also reached the box in many situations to finish. The Juventus defense was poor, making mistakes in many plays that ended in goals, as there were always unmarked players in dangerous situations.

Osimhen attacked the spaces with a lot of power and scored a great goal with a header, finishing the cross between both defenders.


Great Napoli who, 32 years later, are favorites to win the Italian league.

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