Let’s analyze Barcelona’s winning goal against Porto. The play begins with a long goal kick with Koundé and Araújo doing a great job against Taremi.

Conceição’s men win the second ball, an aspect in which they were much superior, being able to progress easily. In this case, Ferrán Torres starts the press by blocking the passing lane between center backs, forcing Carmo to play a progressive pass, with Romário being the only possibility to receive a short pass.

First error, Romário makes a mistake by having to play under pressure, looking for the pass to the spare man, Cardoso. Gündoğa recovers, starts carrying and the second error happens. Cardoso turns outwards instead of inwards, takes longer and loses vision of the play. Ferrán Torres attacks the space in the gap between centre-backs at high speed, something that Lewandowski can’t do so the centre-backs would have time to defend him, so in games in which Barcelona doesn’t have possession or the opponent has a high defensive line, Ferrán will be a better option than Lewandowski.

Perfect pass from Gündoğan who reads the play to deliver the ball at the exact moment with accuracy. Ferrán doesn’t finish well, something in which he is much inferior to Lewandowski, but Diogo Costa misses, letting it pass between his legs for Barça’s victory in a very complicated match against Porto.

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