Real Madrid 2-1 Osasuna | Vinícius against the world | Tactical Analysis

The final between Real Madrid and Osasuna became a Vinícius against the world in which the Brazilian won again.


We start analyzing the play of the first goal, overload on the right flank and Valverde switches the play to the left. Vinícius has to play a 1v2 as Arrasate placed Moncayola and Rubén Peña to defend him, but it didn’t work.

Moncayola loses the first 1 on 1 and when the Brazilian tries to dribble Peña the positioning of Moncayola is bad, being too far away from the play not being able to help. Benzema also drags his marker towards the near post leaving Rodrygo against Juan Cruz.

Vinícius gives the pass to Rodrygo and Cruz is too slow to defend the play, failing to intercept the pass or block the shot.


The same happens in the second goal, Vinícius runs past Rubén Peña and again Moncayola is too far away to help, allowing Vinicius to get to the goal line.

After a poor clearance by David García the ball is left on the edge of the box, poorly protected by Osasuna, allowing Kroos to shoot, although the key in the play is at the far post. Again Juan Cruz covering Rodrygo, the Brazilian attacks the space at the back and after a deflection by Aridane, the Brazilian scores unmarked for the brace.

Real Madrid won with an unstoppable Vinícius and the question is: how will Guardiola defend him next Tuesday in the Champions League semi-finals?

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