Real Madrid 4-2 UD Almería | Benzema-Brazil connection | Tactical Analysis

Let’s analyse the connection between Benzema and the Brazilians Vinícius, Militão and Rodrygo in Real Madrid vs Almería.

Real Madrid

Benzema + Vinícius + Militão

We start by looking the play of the first goal, Militão in possesion without being pressed by any Almeria player, giving him time to throw a long ball with great accuracy to Vinícius who runs in behind the right back.

The left winger wins the duel with ease and we can see Benzema’s oustanding movement off the ball. As soon as the Frenchman sees that there is space in the box, he attacks it with some changes of direction to get rid of his marker and score.

He did this type of movement throughout the match, running many times to the near post, being able to finish despite being the only Real Madrid player in the box.

This is another play with Militão, Vinícius and Benzema involved. The center back jumps to anticipate, recovers the ball and gives a pass to the Frenchman who waits for Vinícius attacking the space, and completing a great one-two pass finished by Benzema.

Benzema + Rodrygo

Here we can see the Rodrygo-Benzema connection in the play that led to the second goal. Great dribble by Rodrygo with a back heel and as soon as Karim sees that there is a chance for Rodrygo to win the 1 on 1, he makes a perfect curved run to score the goal.

Benzema was also very good linking up in the edge of the box. In this one he receives a pass from Rodrygo, good first touch to turn and make the best decision available passing the ball to Lucas Vázquez who is free.

And in the play of the 4th goal, another movement on the edge, in this case to distract Ely who is covering Rodrygo, but with the appearance of Benzema he leaves enough space for the Brazilian to control and finish with a beautiful long shot.

Masterful performance from Benzema and the Brazilians for Real Madrid’s victory.


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