Sevilla 1-1 Roma | Mendilibar vs Mourinho | Tactical Analysis

Sevilla won the Europa League for the seventh time in a final in which Roma were superior in the first half doing a great job off the ball. In the second Mendilibar changed the game and Yassine Bounou was again decisive being one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The match was played in Roma’s half with Sevilla having possession during the first half unable to progress. Roma’s back 5 did a great job, knowing at what height they had to press Sevilla, preventing progress down the flanks, with Mendilibar’s side showing little movement off the ball. So when Sevilla tried to get into the final third, they faced Roma’s superiorities, making very difficult to finish any play.

Neither with passes in the central channel or long balls to En-Nesyri, with Roma recovering the ball and trying to launch quick transitions. In this aspect Sevilla did a better job than in recent Europa League games, with the midfield anticipating and stopping counterattacks.

Where Roma did hurt was with their main weapon all season. Trying to lure Sevilla players into pressing so that Mancini could throw long balls. This was Mourinho’s dream scenario, trying to get 2v2 with Abraham and Pellegrini in quick attacks to finish in a few touches.

One of Roma’s best chances came with Spinazzola switching the play towards Dybala who changed position many times during the first 45 minutes, although where he did most damage was in this region against Telles. Celik received inside the box and Sevilla’s defence was too deep leaving 2 players free to finish.

Roma’s goal came with Cristante winning the ball back against Rakitic and here we see Sevilla’s main weakness throughout the season. Bad positioning of the defensive line, leaving a lot of space in the gap between centre back and full back. Pass to Dybala who is again perfect off the ball scoring with a good shot.

At half-time Mendilibar brought on Suso and Lamela, changing the landscape of the game. Suso and Ocampos joined Navas on the right flank to generate superiority and the Sevilla right-back was able to play more comfortably in the final third, having plenty of one-on-ones to put in crosses such as the one that led to the equaliser after a deflection.

Poor pace in extra time, few chances, goint the match to the penalty shootout with Yassine Bounou decisive as he was in the World Cup.

Mendilibar beat Mourinho to qualify Sevilla for the next Champions League.

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