Sevilla 3-0 Manchester United | Youssef En-Nesyri, Casemiro… | Tactical Analysis

Sevilla overcame Manchester United in a match with a great atmosphere in the stadium, being very important.

Sevilla FC

Out of possession

It was key when Sevilla pressed being very aggressive, showing a lot of energy, with 4 players creating a square around the ball holder so that he had no passing line. The most important player in the pressure was En-Nesyri who put in an extroardinary physical display, with a tireless work rate, pressing Sevilla all the way to the goal line.

In a ball from Dea Gea to Maguire came the first goal with 3 Sevilla players closing down the center back who was very slow, made a bad decision and the ball was intercepted.

Sevilla’s aggressiveness in pressing is seen in this play with 7 players close to the ball.


When Ten Hag’s side were able to get into the opposition half, Sevilla had a big weakness on the edge of the box, with Casemiro playing in a more advanced position when United were in possession. The Brazilian had plenty of space to receive, with Sevilla being unprotected in midfield as they tried to recover with many players in the region where the ball was. When the ball came to the Brazilian he had a clear chance to shoot and also on crosses he ran into the box without being covered to finish, but United were poor in front of goal.

Youssef En-Nesyri

The best player of the match was En-Nesyri with very good off the ball movements, we see him here dragging the center -back, freeing a player in the box.

The same in this play. Good movement attacking the space at the near post, forcing Maguire to come out to cover him, with Acuña having several passing options for the finish.

As we saw before, En-Nesyri’s pressure was key and so came the third goal, with a mistake by De Gea controlling the ball that the Moroccan took advantage of to finish. Although his best shot was in the first goal, leaving the Spanish goalkeeper with no options.

It was a match for Sevilla’s history books but Manchester United should have sealed the tie in the first 60 minutes at Old Trafford.

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