Let’s analyze the Derby della Madonnina with a great game plan by Simone Inzaghi that helped Inter destroy AC Milan. Out of possession, Inter started in a 5-3-2 mid block that jumped to press without losing order, but preventing Milan from progressing.

In possession, Inter constantly switching plays, being vertical, trying to take advantage of the wingers, Dimarco and Dumfries.

This is how they scored the first goal, Dumfries throws a ball to Marcus Thuram who wins the duel and has a lot of space to run. As soon as the pass is delivered, the Inter wing-back pushes forward to join the attack. Many players inside the box to finish the play, including both wing-backs, scoring Mkhitaryan deflecting Dimarco’s shot.

With the lead, Inter defended deeper, switching to a low block but keeping the 5-3-2 shape.

What didn’t change was the aggressiveness jumping on the ball holder, like in this play with Dumfries forcing the turnover.

As soon as Inter recovers, both Dumfries and Thuram attack the space in the transition and Lautaro Martínez sends a great long ball for the Dutchman’s run. Marcus Thuram finishes the play unleashing a stunning, curling shot into the top right corner.

Verticality, combinations with the wing-backs and top defensive work to end up scoring 5 goals in a great game for the favorite to win Serie A this season, Inter Milan.

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