Tactical Analysis: Israel 0-3 England | Gibbs-White, Cole Palmer, Smith Rowe… | Euro U21

England qualified for the final of the Euro Under-21 in a match in which Israel’s defensive work wasn’t enough to stop England. Israel decided to defend in a low block, not pressing high, allowing England to reach the final third unopposed.

This meant that England could accumulate many players near the box to put in crosses, Israel’s block, in addition to being low, was very narrow, receiving the wingers comfortably.

This is the play of the first goal, Palmer on the flank, Israel’s defense too passive, no one jumps towards him, giving time to place a great cross that Gibbs-White attacks with a perfect header.

The other problem for Israel was in the England players between the lines, being able to play without pressure, receive and turn.

We see it in the second goal, England players free, Israel defenders too far away, also not blocking the passing lanes, allowing England to progress the ball easily. When a player received he could drive to the edge of the box, no defensive support, other players attacked the spaces and received the pass.

Good movement off the ball by Emile Smith Rowe to assist Cole Palmer for England to play the final next Saturday.

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