Let’s analyze Newcastle’s victory against Manchester United. Ten Hag’s team had 2 problems, the first was a poor press, both in high and mid block, leaving passing lanes to progress and trying to man-mark all over the field, taking many risks, leaving Newcastle players free. Manchester United wasn’t compact at any time, the main weakness being the right half-space. Trippier, Miley and Almirón always found the spare man with good movements off the ball and dynamic combinations.

United’s other problem was the build-up, with Onana having many problems in distribution due to the lack of passing lanes. When he threw long balls, United were worse positioned and with less intensity than Newcastle, losing the majority of duels.

Newcastle’s goal is an accumulation of all these weaknesses. Luke Shaw in possession without an easy pass due to Newcastle’s good press, makes a bad decision playing a long ball that is intercepted. Top turn by Isak to speed up the transition and we see the lack of coordination of the United defense without covering any player. Newcastle attacks in the area that did the most damage throughout the game, Trippier receives and gives a perfect assist for Gordon to score without opposition.

Great victory for Newcastle against a horrible Manchester United.

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