TACTICAL ANALYSIS: Spain 2-1 Switzerland | Euro U21

Spain qualified for the semifinals of the European Under-21 Championship playing a good game against Switzerland. In the first half hour the Swiss tried to keep the defensive block out of the box, but the different offensive resources of Spain forced Switzerland to go backwards, being too deep. 

Abel Ruiz

The game had 5 keys that were seen in the 2 goals that Spain scored. The first key was Abel Ruiz’s off-the-ball movements, attacking space whenever Switzerland’s defensive line was high. With passes from midfielders or long balls, Abel Ruiz read the game very well, taking advantage of one of Switzerland’s main weaknesses.

Sergio Gómez

Another player who made these movements was Sergi Gómez, very active throughout the game. Both attacking the spaces and having good positioning inside the box to be unmarked and finish several plays.

Edge of the box & Juan Miranda

With Spain attacking the back of the defence, Switzerland were dropping back towards goal, leaving space on the edge of the box for Sancet and Miranda to shoot. The left-back was one of the most important players in Spain’s victory.

High press

The last key was Spain’s work out of possession, with a high press that Switzerland managed to overcome on several occasions, but the Spanish midfielders and defenders did a great job jumping on the player who received the ball to recover.

1-0 (68′)

This is the play of the first goal in which Abel Ruiz attacks the space left by the defence in the gap between the centre-back and right-back, Abel drags 2 Swiss players, allowing Sergi Gómez to run into the box to score.

2-1 (103′)

And in the second goal a good recovery from Spain in the press to generate a quick attack switching the play to the left flank where Miranda shoots from outside the box to give Spain the victory, in a match that wasn’t easy but showing their superiority in all phases of the game.

Other Analysis