Thomas Tuchel explained the other day the reasons why sometimes it’s not a good idea to defend with a 4-4-2, as in the match that Bayern played against Stuttgart and how teamwork and effort served to compensate the weaknesses regarding this structure against some set-ups.

“Because it’s difficult — they build-up in a 3-2. They create a 3-2-4-1, which means that you have five offensive players in your back, in front of your line of four. And it’s difficult to always protect the counter movements with the double 6, and you have to put pressure on their double 6. So you need the strikers to drop also a bit deeper to put the double 6 in between our midfielders and our strikers. And for that, you need a lot of extra meters.”

Tuchel is referring to the constant movements of Stuttgart’s double pivot to receive free, which forces Kane and Muller to make a great effort to shadow cover and block off the the passing lanes, to end up having numerical superiority.

Interesting comments from Thomas Tuchel about the 4-4-2.

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