Bernardo Silva is one of the best players in the world reading the game. Against Newcastle we saw this strength scoring two goals. We started by seeing him in the play of the first goal. Newcastle in a compact block trying to close the central chanel, as Manchester City has many players behind the midfielders trying to receive between the lines. Bernardo Silva takes a look, Newcastle’s left wing-back is deep, so what he is going to do is drift wide and try to receive behind the midfielders.

Rodri progresses with the ball, Newcastle’s 5-3-2 blocking the central channel and we see how Bernardo Silva has all this space freed up to receive. Rodri gives him the pass and from here on, what Walker does will be very important.

He ran down the right wing, attracting Newcastle’s left wing-back, making the gap between Burn and Willock large.

Bernardo Silva is going to read it perfectly, taking advantage of that space to finish the play, scoring thanks to a deflection.

Exactly the same in the play of the second goal, Newcastle’s line of midfielders is very narrow, Bernardo Silva is going to take advantage in the half-space to receive behind the midfielders, gaining an important advantage.

Bernardo Silva carryes, thinks quickly, again Walker attracts and now Bernardo Silva cuts inside because Willock tries to avoid the play of the first goal, scoring again thanks to a deflection.

Bernardo Silva is one of the best in the world reading the game and taking advantage of Guardiola’s tactics.

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