World Cup 2022: Netherlands 3-1 USA – Attacking transition – Analysis

The Netherlands beat the United States 3-1 by basing their game on attacking transition.

De Jong was key in winning the ball back, being high up the pitch, putting pressure on players before they could turn, as was Van Dijk coming out of the defensive line.

Frenkie’s ball carrying and Memphis playing with his back to goal started the most dangerous counterattacks. Depay had good tactical understanding in the 1st half, appearing between the lines.

From then on the play continued down the right wing  with Dumfries who had more freedom today than in the group stage and Gakpo that continuous in good form. He carried the ball with both legs at great speed and gave a great sense of danger close to the box. All of this meant that even in the first half there were transitions in numerical superiority.

The Netherlands advance to the quarter-finals in convincing fashion, after leaving doubts in the first few games.

Tactical Analysis

Ball recovery

Memphis Depay

Right flank

Numerical superiority

Other Analysis