World Cup 2022: Poland 0-2 Argentina – Analysis

Argentina returned to a good performance after two bad games at the World Cup. They occupied the spaces better, were deeper and more active off the ball.

The influence of the full-backs, often playing on the inside, leaving the wing for Di María, who played in both. They were deep and although Acuña was weak in his passing, they forced Poland to separate, leaving space in the intervals between players. This was exploited by the midfielders, who were much more dynamic, with Alexis Mac Allister and Enzo Fernández having a great game.

Last but not least, the introduction of Julián Álvarez into the line-up gave more variety of movement to the attacking line. Dropping to the wing, leaving Messi in the striker’s position, linking up with the midfielders and attacking the space where he did a lot of damage to Poland’s centre-backs.

Argentina regained the version they needed to believe they could be champions in Qatar.

Tactical Analysis

Full backs

Alexis Mac Allister

Julián Álvarez

Enzo Fernández – Julián Álvarez

Other Analysis