Almería 1-1 Atlético Madrid – Tactical Analysis


Let’s analyze the first goal of Atlético de Madrid’s match against Almería. Kondogbia with the ball, El Bilal Touré pressing and Almeria defending with the defensive line and the midfielders very close to each other. Still, Griezmann manages to appear between the lines and Correa avoids getting into an offside position. In addition, Lemar’s run from the left wing prevents Pozo, Almeria’s right-back, from being able to intervene in the play.

Kondogbia gives the pass into space that Griezmann doesn’t touch but drags Rodrigo Ely out of position. Correa shows good intuition as he approaches the play and moves away from his mark, Brandariz.

Nice first touch to the ball with his right foot to shoot on goal with his left before Fernando Martinez can get close and leave Correa with no space. Good goal by Atlético de Madrid.

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