Real Madrid 1-3 FC Barcelona – Tactical Analysis

FC Barcelona

Out of possession

FC Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the final of the Spanish Super Cup. Xavi’s game plan with high pressing, Busquets and De Jong in midfield, plus Pedri as an attacking midfielder, leaving Gavi on the left wing. Pedri marked Kroos and Busquets on Camavinga. On the wings, the fullbacks also pressed Vinicius and Valverde when they had their backs to goal. 


The good pressing was rewarded with a goal. It was in this play where Rüdiger gave a bad pass to Camavinga, Busquets regained the ball and the distance between the whole defensive line was too big, with Rüdiger very slow trying to get back into position.

In addition to the good pressing, Barça were very good when Real Madrid were close to ter Stegen’s box. There was always help from midfield and from Dembele and Gavi on their flanks.

In possession

When Barça had the ball there were several attempts by Real Madrid to press that didn’t work. Pedri was free and if not he always ran and found areas with plenty of space, with Camavinga who wasnt very active in defense, leaving Pedri alone.

If Barça played with short passes they also progressed easily, as 3-on-2 situations were generated with Benzema and Vinicius as the only players pressing the defence. 

Busquets and De Jong dominated the midfield, with De Jong appearing in different depths depending on what the team required.

Lewandowski was also constantly offering himself to link up between the lines.

As with goal kicks, Pedri always found space in the opposition half, usually in the gap between Camavinga and Mendy.


The best player of the match was Gavi, who, as always, excelled in attacking the spaces, which led to Barça’s second goal. Busquets’ pass to De Jong who turns and gives it to Gavi who runs into the back of Carvajal. Rüdiger was left with Lewandowski and Gavi, unable to block the pass. Barça won the Super Cup in one of Xavi’s best games.

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