Tottenham 0-2 Arsenal – Tactical Analysis

Arsenal FC

Out of possession

Arsenal beat Tottenham with a sensational first half. Arteta’s team pressed high with almost the whole team in the opponent’s half. Tottenham had many problems on the ball, trying to play with short passes, which led them to have very dangerous turnovers.

When the ball came to the wing Arsenal always had solutions with Ben White and Bukayo Saka synchronizing their movements very well, preventing Sessegnon and Son from controlling the ball comfortably. Also, when Tottenham got into the opposition half we could see huge efforts from Saka and Martinellli adding to Arsenal’s defensive line with 5 and 6 players at the back.

If Tottenham were playing long passes or relying on Harry Kane, Arsenal were pressing very aggressively, accumulating many players, which ended up making Conte’s team desperate. Kane couldn’t play, at any moment of the game without being surrounded by several Arsenal players.

In possession

When Arsenal had possession they used their plan of positional play, constantly forming diamonds and triangles, in which there was always a free player. Tottenham’s pressing was very poor, with players who could always control and turn without any defenders nearby.

The same happened when Arsenal played in the middle of the field, they could play 3-on-2 situations in superiority, with a player in the back of the Tottenham players, finding an easy pass. Tottenham’s intensity in defense was weak, with players on the ball having a lot of time to think and make long passes.

Attacking transition

These same situations were seen in attacking transitions from the beginning of the match, where there was constant superiority, with Tottenham’s defense being very slow.

Martin Ødegaard

The consequence of Arteta’s game plan and the poor performance of Conte’s side was seen in the final third of the pitch, with Odegaard being able to receive near the box and shoot from long distance with no player around to block, as in the play of the second goal. Arsenal, who are the Premier League leaders, consolidate their position as the main favorites.

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