Crystal Palace 1-1 Manchester United – Tactical Analysis


This is the first key moment in the play, Bruno Fernandes passes the ball to Eriksen and Doucouré tries to steal the ball, losing his position. Also, the gap between right back and center back is too big and Weghorst’s influence is very important, with the 2 center backs + midfielder very close to the Dutch striker.

Eriksen reads the play perfectly and attacks the space between center-back and right-back, with Doucouré returning to his position, but more concerned with telling Clyne to press Rashford.

Second key in the play, Eriksen is able to look around using a tenth of a second and see Bruno’s position, allowing Eriksen to make the best decision on the assist.

Eriksen is successful because Weghorst is able to drag 3 players. Both center backs, who from the start of the play are only worried about defending a possible cross, and Hughes who is poorly positioned in the box, with no chance to intercept the pass.

Bruno scored the goal that wasn’t enough to win the game. Manchester United outplayed Crystal Palace but Olise scored a masterful free-kick for the equalizer.

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