AC Milan 0-3 Inter Milan – Tactical Analysis

Inter were far superior to Milan in the Italian Super Cup. All 3 goals came in the same way, with Inter players attacking the space.


In the first, Darmian unopposed is able to carry the ball with plenty of space, Dzeko reads the play waiting to receive and pass to Barella who is attacking the space. While Lautaro Martinez is with 2 defenders, allowing Dimarco to enter alone into the box.

Inter makes the play at great speed for Dimarco to score the first goal.


In this one the goal comes from a free kick in which the assist is a ground pass given from Inter’s own half, something very rare to see in the elite.  Bastoni waits for movement to pass the ball and a huge corridor is created as Calabria is wide open to defend Inter’s system. Dzeko sees it, runs losing his defender easily and receives attacking the space.

Even so, he receives in a difficult position to finish in the box. Tonali defends very poorly, allowing Dzeko to dribble and score the second goal.


Exactly the same happens for the third. Skriniar throws a long pass, good movement of Lautaro Martinez who when the ball bounces accelerates and Tomori, who should be defending on the inside to avoid the run, loses the position and Lautaro finishes with great technique for the last goal of the match.

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