Boca Juniors 1-2 Racing Club – Tactical Analysis

Racing won the Super Cup against Boca Juniors in the first official match of the season in Argentina. 

Boca Juniors

Out of possession

Boca used a 4-2-3-1 formation in the first minutes, but later transformed it into a 4-4-2. The best moments off the ball were in the second half, when Boca pressed higher.

In possession

Boca tried to play a lot with the wingers, with long passes from the defensive line and switching plays. In addition, Benedetto tried to link up to generate good situations for the team, although Boca was quite inaccurate in their decision making throughout the game.


Boca took the lead with a goal by Roncaglia after a set piece in which the center backs were in the box and after a cross, Sandez won the aerial duel and Roncaglia, who was alone at the far post, scored the goal.

Racing Club

Out of possession

Racing tried to press Boca’s build up, recovering many balls in the opponent’s half, which allowed them to constantly launch counterattacks. After set pieces, the defence always tried to anticipate and prevent Boca from being vertical.

In possession

Racing was more direct than last season and took advantage of the superiority on the left flank, with Piovi, Moralez and Carbonero understanding the game perfectly.

Attacking transition

With the recoveries in the opponent’s half (mentioned before), Racing played many attacking transitions, in which Boca was badly positioned, generating Racing the best chances of the match. The equalizer came in one of those transitions, with Moralez assisting Carbonero, who was at a very high level throughout the match.


In the last minutes, Racing won a penalty in a controversial play, which was scored by Gonzalo Piovi for the victory of Fernando Gago’s team.

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