Guardiola’s tactics are in full swing at the start of the Premier League. Victory against Burnley in a game in which Manchester City starts with Rico Lewis as an inverted left-back, playing in the double pivot with Rodri.

One of City’s keys is in the alternatives in the build. The first with Ederson in the back 3 generating superiority to break Burnley’s high press and with Walker very high. 

The second with the right back in his usual position leaving room to Bernardo Silva attacking space as a right winger.

The third with Julián Álvarez and De Bruyne dropping down to receive creating a 7 vs 4 to progress the ball.

And the fourth with De Bruyne in the double pivot, leaving Rico Lewis free to play higher or wide with plenty of space to receive and carry the ball.

After Kevin De Bruyne’s injury, City plays in a kind of Christmas tree formation, 4-3-2-1 with Bernardo Silva as the left central midfielder and Kovacic as the right central midfielder. In some plays Julián Álvarez and Foden waiting open, giving width, in a shape similar to a 4-3-3.

Walker’s position forces the Burnley defense to drop due to the threat of Ederson throwing a long ball, Forster doesn’t follow the right-back, forcing Vitinho to move out of position leaving more space in the gap between the players in the defensive line, space that both Foden and Haaland attack.

Man City’s mobility and positional rotations are constant. This makes Bernardo Silva appear as a left-back in the build-up or Rodri being the most advanced midfielder in several plays, with Man City always trying to have a spare man.

That happens in one of the goal. With 2 progressive passes City breaks all of Burnley’s defensive lines, with Rodri, Foden and Walker, finishing Haaland with one of the most difficult shots of his career.

Important victory for the champions to start the Premier League.

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