Tactical Analysis: Arsenal 2-1 Nottingham Forest | Saka, Martinelli & Partey inverted full-back

Arsenal beat Nottingham Forest in a dominant first half. 84% of possession with the visitors completing less than 50 passes. Thomas Partey was the main novelty playing as inverted right-back. 3-2 Arsenal build-up with Rice and Partey in the double pivot, in a solution that worked for the little defensive duties that Partey had.

Most of Arsenal’s attacks were in the right flank with Saka open and Ben White overlapping despite playing on the back 3. In some plays we saw Thomas Partey in the final third close to the wing, drifting Saka inside, with Odegaard linkin-up.

One of the keys for Arsenal to have more than 80% of possession was the good job counter-pressing, highlighting Declan Rice winning many duels.

Winning the ball back in the last third and due to the accumulation of players on the right wing, Saka scored with a good combination. He cuts inside and finishes whit a stunning shot from the edge of the box into the far corner.

And the last key was Martinelli, taking advantage of the overload on the right wing, being isolated on the left. In the goal he shows his ability to counter low blocks. Stretch the opposition, unstoppable in the dribble with a wonderful turn assisting Nketiah. The forward cuts inside before his shot beats Turner via a slight deflecion. Nketiah scores every time he has the opportunity.

Top start for Arsenal with the victory in the Community Shield and dominating Nottingham Forest in the Premier League.

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