Let’s analyze one of the best set piece routines of the season that took place in the game between Milan and Frosinone. The first thing to take into account is the set-up of the defending team, since it has all the players inside their box and Milan has only 5. Movement off the ball to offer a passing lane to the taker, attracting a Frosinone player, but instead of giving the short pass, Milan is going to play the ball to Theo Hernández who is waiting on the edge of the box. For the defense it’s evident that the play will have several passes as there is no movement inside the box to try to finish.

One of the most complicated touches of the play is this one by Theo Hernández to throw the cross quickly not allowing anyone to press him. The defensive line comes out to try to trap the Milan players offside but we are already in a situation in which if the ocuppation of spaces isn’t good, a weakness is generated. This happens at the far post, where Jovic isn’t covered, with all the Frosinone players ball oriented.

Perfect cross from Theo for Jovic, the players turn to try to defend, not worrying about continuing to occupy the spaces inside the box and Jovic, instead of finishing, gives a great headed pass for Tomori to score.

Top set piece by Stefano Pioli in the victory against Frosinone.

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