Let’s analyze Manchester United’s defensive disaster against Bayern Munich. We start by looking at the main problem of Ten Hag’s team, the distance between the lines leaving players free in between.

Manchester United tried to press high. When Bayern broke the first line, the distance between the United players was too big, not compact, doing a poor job Amrabat with his positioning throughout the game.

In this play, we can see Sané starting a drive without opposition and no United player will be able to block his path into the box.

Another of United’s problems was the lack of coordination between players, with a poor occupation of spaces, allowing constant overlaps.

In this play, no one pressing Musiala and Sané attacks space. Horrible body orientation by Wan-Bissaka, not paying attention to the movement behind his back.

Here, the United defense is too deep, Kimmich free on the edge of the box, finishing without any player nearby to block the shot.

In this cross we see this run into the box with the defense far, being very slow.

The whole mess is summed up in the goal, with free players between the lines receiving at the edge of the box, not compactness, a lot of distance in the gap between the full-back and center-back, the ball holder isn’t under pressure and Coman who attacks space without being tracked, scoring the winning goal.

Horrible performance by Ten Hag’s Manchester United being knocked out of the Champions League.

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