Aston Villa 3-0 Newcastle | Tactical Analysis

Let’s analyse Aston Villa’s goals in one of the best performances in the Premier League this season.


Eddie Howe’s 4-4-2 has the same weakness in 2 of the goals. The first problem is in the first line of pressure that doesn’t block the passing line to Luiz. Emi Buendía dropping so that neither Joelinton nor Bruno Guimarães can jump to press the double pivot who are staggered. Pass from Mings to Luiz and Buendía behind the midfielders to receive between the lines and take the ball to the right flank.

McGinn receives and on the left Watkins is not covered by any of the players defending the box. He makes a great leap and manages to nod it down for Ramsey, who runs into the box for the goal.


And in the second, the build up is exactly the same as in the first, with Buendía between the lines. A pass to Watkins who receives with his back to goal and leaves the ball for McGinn, who is free, after a nice movement off the ball from the right flank.

Álex Moreno makes a great run down the left to offer his support in the attack and Watkins is unmarked, with Schär trying to get to him. Moreno fizzes a good cross into Watkins who spins away from Schär and puts the ball into the net.

Great game from Aston Villa who are one of the best teams in the Premier League since Unai Emery took over.

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