Man City 3-1 Leicester | Tactical Analysis


Guardiola set up a 3-1-6 in possession, that he has used in other games when facing a 5-man backline, to beat Leicester.

Manchester City

In possession

The first key in this structure is the position of Haaland. If he is positioned in the gap between the center backs he tries to pin them, holding back both players, allowing Man City midfielders to receive between the lines.

And if he is positioned at the height of the front line or drops to receive, it’s to link-up an progress with the ball.

City’s strategy was to stack 2 or 3 players on the left flank, overloading that region, while Walker, who was the right back, has to wait on the opposite flank positioned very high, giving width creating a 6 vs 5 superiority. Thanks to this he is isolated to receive alone switching the play or in cross situations in which Walker enters the box free to finish the play.

When the center backs or Rodri have the ball and Leicester’s defensive structure is narrow, not allowing Mahrez, De Bruyne or Silva to receive, the best decision is to pass the ball to Walker or Grealish who took advantage of the spaces as in the play that led to the penalty.

After the first two goals, Bernardo Silva changed his position playing in the double pivot being very important in the build up, as he did in the second half alongside Kalvin Philips.

A dominant Man City performance with another great plan from Guardiola’s mastermind.

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