Jude Bellingham played one of the best games of his career in Real Madrid’s victory against Almería. We start by analysing his defensive work, being aggressive in the press, with 3 recoveries. In the 4-4-2 low-block, good positioning in the double pivot with Tchouaméni, trying to be close to the ball holder, covering passing lanes.

When Bellingham gets the ball in transitions, he makes decisions very quickly with good ball handling, carrying the ball, showing his physical power. On counterattacks where he is late to the play, he’s useful with runs to attract defenders creating space for a teammate’s finish.

In possession he participates in all phases, from the build-up dropping deep to receive, with good turns, always looking for progressive passes like this long ball switching the play to the right flank.

In the second phase, creating options to the passer, having an incredible spatial awareness, always knowing if he is under pressure to control or pass.

In the last third is where his talent shines the most. Drifting wide to generate superiorities, combining in this play with Vinícius and Fran García.

Here, with an intelligent movement off the ball. He attacks space, attracts the entire defensive line, leaving Carvajal free on the other side.

And in the runs into the box, being one of the players with the most finishes in these first games.

In this play we see how he understands that there is a free space at the near post and before Carvajal throws the cross he runs to that area with a good change of direction, leaving the defender behind.

In the first goal he shows his good positioning inside the box. He isn’t offside, manages to control the ball in an controversial action and ends up scoring.

In the second he drops to link-up playing with his back to goal, Edgar jumps, leaving a large bap between full-back and center-back. No teammate attacks that space so Bellingham does it moving behind Edgar, Akieme being unable to defend him, scoring the English player with a header.

And in the third goal, first time pass to Carvajal and as soon as he releases the ball, starts a progressive run to receive the ball back unmarked. Valverde drives into the last third, gives him the ball and Bellingham before receiving has time to look where Vinicius is. Another great first time pass for Vinícius to score a beautiful goal.

Outstanding Jude Bellingham, one of the most complete players in the world.

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