To understand the match between Man City and Newcastle United we are going to analyze the play of the goal. Guardiola proposes a 2-3-5 in the buid-up, instead of the usual back 3, with Akanji stepping into midfield and Walker moving high on the right wing, with Foden playing inside.

Newcastle pressing with Isak, Gordon and Almirón jumping on Dias and Gvardiol, so Newcastle’s weakness will be on the flanks. As soon as Bruno Guimaraes joins the press, Rodri reads that Joelinton has to cover 2 players, Foden and Kovacic, finding the Croatian free to receive the pass.

Quick turn before the press gets to him and the ball goes to Walker who waits wide pinning Burn so Foden can have enough space to do damage.

The play continues, the ball goes back to Kovacic and Foden automatically attacks the gap between full-back and center-back, before Burn can get back or Joelinton blocks the passing lane.

Foden receives, Burn too far to defend, having to jump Botman leaving Julián Álvarez free on the edge of the box.

Foden sees the striker, assists and Julián Álvarez smashes the ball into the far corner for Man City’s victory.

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