Ange Postecoglou won the tactical war Spurs building in a 2-3-5 shape with both full backs inverting very early from the first phase. United pressing in a 4-1-4-1 which leaves the center-backs in superiority 2v1 against Rashford. United’s idea is to push Tottenham to one side and press that way, but this approach concedes possession and control.

Tottenham’s progression is with passes to the wingers, both holding width, receiving high to face the United full-backs 1v1.

In the last third, the Spurs full-backs underlap, offering the winger a passing line behind the defense and the runs of the midfielders into the box to finish off the plays. Thanks to these keys came the goals.

The first with a good possession, United too narrow allowing the pass to Kulusevski who runs into the box and Pape Sarr makes a late run to score.

In the second goal again the wingers giving width, a good combination between Romero, Son and Maddison, who opens the ball to the left for Perisic and his cross ends in Onana’s goal.

United in possession had difficulties progressing despite Onana being excellent in distribution, with very difficult passes. Tottenham man-marking in a 4-2-4 blocking the central-channel, taking advantage of the fact that Ten Hag’s target man is injured so they can’t progress with long passes.

Tottenham had problems defending the box with several crosses that ended in headers. Important victory for Spurs against a disappointing Manchester United.

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