Brighton 1-1 Man City | De Zerbi vs Guardiola | Tactical Analysis

Brighton and Man City played one of the most interesting halves this season

Brighton’s box press (4-4-2)

De Zerbi proposed a box press in 4-4-2 against City’s build-up. In the double pivot Guardiola’s men were switching Gündoğan’s partner constantly. Initially with Rico Lewis, leaving Bernardo Silva higher up the pitch or giving width as left-back.

During the match they swapped positions, with Bernardo Silva playing in the double pivot, trying to overcome the pressure via individual brilliance.

Erling Haaland

However, the best solution for City was Erling Haaland with a great performace playing with his back to goal linking up with Mahrez, receiving long balls from Ortega in a tough duel against van Hecke.


Thus came the first goal with Haaland moving away from his marker, leaving the ball to Mahrez and running into the back of the defensive line. In addition the rest of the Brighton defenders are too far to help, allowing Mahrez’s pass to Haaland.

The norwegian receives and the defensive line goes too deep in the box trying to defend the finish, leaving Foden alone to score the goal.

Julio Enciso

In the home team the best player was Julio Enciso who did a great job in his movements off the ball, dropping to receive, driftin into the flanks, appearing between the lines showing pace in every move


In the goal he is unmarked receiving the pass from Colwill. The Paraguayan turns quickly, carryes into the final third and finishes with a wonderful shot.

De Zerbi and Guardiola drew in a great face to face between 2 of the best managers in the world.

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