Fiorentina 1-2 Inter Milan | Inzaghi & Lautaro Martínez | Tactical Analysis

Inter won the Coppa Italia with a very interesting approach against Fiorentina’s man-to-man high-press.

Francesco Acerbi

The main novelty was Acerbi moving high to generate superiority in the middle and trying to pin Fiore players with Brozović dropping deeper to offer support as playmarker, allowing the wing-backs to be very high. Inter were extremely fluid with constant rotations, swapping wing-backs and the midfielders changing heights, having many advantages to progress.


At the beginning of the match Inter made a serious mistake, very aggressive press that forces Acerbi to play a vertical pass. Dodo is very quick to anticipate instead of staying wide with Dimarco. Quick attack with the wing-backs unable to defend and Ikoné and Nico Gonzalez taking advantage of those spaces to connect and score the goal.

Lautaro Martínez

Despite the mistake, Inter continued their game plan emerging Lautaro Martinez as the man of the match. Acerbi, Çalhanoğlu and Brozović dragged the Fiorentina midfield, taking the forward advantage of the free space between the lines. Bastoni and Dimarco read the game very well to not occupy the same position, making it very difficult for Fiorentina to maintain the man-to-man marking. The movements off the ball meant that there was a lot of variety in the players attacking Fiore’s defensive line with the wing-backs being in several plays the most advanced players or if a long ball was played the 2 Inter strikers teamed up to try to finish the play quickly before the support from the midfield arrived.


Inter’s first goal came from a good recovery by Acerbi with a tackle. Fiorentina are not compact leaving a lot of space in transition to Brozović and with Lautaro Martinez attacking the gap between Martinez Quarta and Biraghi.


On the second Lautaro drops to receive, turns quickly and opens the ball up to the right flank, running into the box to find a position to finish the cross. The play continues and Lautaro ends up scoring with a great move to the near post anticipating his marker and finishing with a spectacular touch.

Inter won showing many strengths ahead of the Champions League final.

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