Köln 1-2 Bayern | Bundesliga-winning goals | Analysis


Bayern won the league in dramatic fashion with 2 great goals. The first one starts with Müller winning the ball back. The captain was key throughout the whole play, after recovering he initiates a series of progressive passes to make the attacking transition quick and vertical. This pass from Müller was key as it allowed Sané to receive the ball and run towards the box without being stopped by any Köln player.

Good movement off the ball by Gnabry to drag his marker isolating Coman. Sané strides through the centre and sweeps a ball out to the left for Coman, who cuts inside and steers a brilliant finish into the top right corner.


And the decisive goal came from a play on the left flank. Gnabry receives and Schindler, who is covering him, steps back too far from the ball. No support to defend Gnabry and Hübers goes too deep in the box. Musiala appears to receive with an extraordinary first touch, turning and orienting the ball to his right foot, finishing with a powerful low shot from the edge of the box.

Another title for Bayern after a very difficult end to the season.

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