Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool | Tactical Analysis

Goalless draw at Stamford Bridge in a match in which Chelsea were superior to Liverpool.

Liverpool FC

Out of possession

Klopp’s team used a 4-5-1 out of possesion, with a very high defensive line that Chelsea took advantage of with long balls. The absence of Van Dijk was very clear in every pass to the back of the defense and in transitions, with Liverpool suffering a lot throughout the game, having Chelsea several scoring chances, including 2 disallowed goals.

Chelsea FC

Out of possession

Bruno Saltor’s team played with 5 in the midfield including Kanté in the lineup. Off the ball, both Reece James and Chilwell were pressing high up the pitch, winning back a lot of balls but at the same time leaving space in their backs, which Liverpool tried to exploit, placing players in the gap between full back and center back, although they lacked precision in the final third.

Liverpool FC


Liverpool’s best chance came from a corner with Fabinho unmarked on the edge of the box, with the ball getting there after a touch at the near post.

N’Golo Kanté

The best player of the match was N’Golo Kanté who after 8 months of absence returned to the starting lineup playing with a lot of pace. He was very important in all areas of the field, with good pressures recovering the ball and intercepting several passes in Liverpool’s transitions. When Chelsea had the ball he tried to give passing lanes to his teammates, with a great reading of the game, attacking the spaces left by Liverpool in the back of their midfielders. He showed his good physical level by carrying the ball in counters and making good decisions in the passing.

Chelsea improved while waiting for the new coach for the Champions League quarter-finals.

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